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Hello All,

This wonderful man, is Farley the fiddler of Frontierland. He has jokes that just never end, can play most any song you can name, and for almost every place one can come from he has heard of and has a pun already prepared ♥.

I remember when he was just the man on the porch who would know the times that Pocahontas would come out. Being the Pocahontas fangirl that I am I made it a point in my day to go ask him if he would know when she’d be out. Farley being Farley of course made us dance. After dancing I stayed around, and listened to him tell his jokes that I would come to know all by heart, and hear him rattle off his copious amounts of knowledge of places. Needless to say I love Farley very much, and am quite sad he is only playing on weekdays, but without a doubt if I’m there on a weekday you can find me on his porch.10:30 11:30 12:30 2:00 3:00 4:00  or 5:00.

He also recently came out with stickers that read “I had fun with Farley” which no matter who you are, or how much time you spend with him I guarantee you will.


Posted on November/2/2011
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    And yet another one of those little Disney gems I never knew about. TT-TT
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    Rachel! man you just sparked my love for Farley again :D Oh his band jokes are superior! xD
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